The French MAB Committee was established to oversee the Man and the Biosphere programme in France. Managing and strengthening the national network of Biosphere reserves, the Committee liaises and develops collaborations with both French and international communities interested in the programme (e.g. scientific, educational, management and conservation of biodiversity). There are 14 biosphere reserves in France, including 2 transboundary sites.




From the Camargue marshes to the Giant of Provence

8-9 april


The Camargue Biosphere Reserve avails of 14 different protection statuses or inventory lists (Réserve Naturelle Nationale, Parc naturel régional, Réserve Naturelle Régionale, terrains du Conservatoire du Littoral, Site Natura 2000, Réserve départementale de chasse, Espace Naturel Sensible, listed and registered site, …).

Organized human activities in the territory of the Camargue Biosphere Reserve participate in general water management. Widespread bull breeding and local horse breeds contribute to the maintenance of vast open spaces such as wet grasslands, salt fields and marshes. Specialized rice growing began in Camargue in the 20th century, and involves the introduction of huge quantities of freshwater from the Rhone into the delta (around 500 cubic metres of water per year). Hunting and fishing contribute to the management and maintenance of vast ponds and marshes. From a hydraulic perspective, most human activities in the delta are interdependent as they are based on the direct or indirect use of freshwater, brackish water or saltwater. The reserve also offers abundant and diverse activities and interests for a wide range of tourist activities.

Details 7 april

Arrival on Friday 7 April in the late afternoon
Accommodation at Vauvert (heritage ambassador)

Departure on Saturday 8 April in the late afternoon at around 17:00 for Mont Ventoux

MORNING : Discovery of the Raço du Biou bulls in the Manade Blatière area

Reception at the Scamandre RNR for a presentation of traditional Camargue activities
Demonstration of bull running with a school of “raseteurs”
Aperitif-meal at the Scamandre Centre, discovery of local gastronomy 

AFTERNOON: 14:30-17:00 Visit of the Camargue Museum, a museum of human history implanted in a former sheep pen renovated in 2013 presenting an exhibition entitled “As water runs… throughout time in Camargue”. The relationship between Man and nature through human activities in the delta is traced back from the 19th century to the present.
And a tour along the Rousty trail, in the heart of a Conservatoire du Littoral site managed by the Camargue Natural Regional Park, to explore specific Camargue milieus and avifauna.  

Contact :  Carole Toutain


The Mont Ventoux biosphere reserve is at the junction between Alpine and Mediterranean influences and comprises wide natural and cultural diversity. Our programme will focus on the rural history of this emblematic Provence massif, its biodiversity and landscape diversity.

During the day, various presentations will address different themes, including the natural and cultural conservation of the biosphere reserve and the association of socio-economic stakeholders involved in managing the reserve.

Details 8 april

Arrival on Saturday 8 April in the late afternoon
Departure on Sunday 9 April. Return to Marseille Provence Airport or Avignon TGV station at the end of the day

Bring warm clothes, waterproofs and walking shoes. Binoculars are recommended.

The Mont Ventoux Biosphere Reserve has developed a venture aiming to bring together the socio-economic stakeholders and managers. Each of these eco-actors is committed to the biosphere reserve through concrete actions (conservation, education, sharing knowledge) and common values. During the first day of this study trip focusing on vineyard tourism, the electric bike trail will take us through vineyards, and we will stop off to taste wines and local products and discover the Natura 2000 site in the Nesque Gorges.
In the forest massif, we will see how the Mont Ventoux biosphere reserve is developing the interpretation of cultural heritage. We will view the panorama from the top of Mont Ventoux, and present the conservation of Alpine environments and the scientific monitoring applied to this zone.

Estimated price for the two days :
300 euros including meals, accommodation for 2 nights, rental and additional expenses.
Extra costs: Dordogne/Camargue transport

Contact :  Ken Reyna